general trade rules:

  • No underage, No exploits, No redirects, No consoles, No dialers, No BULLSHIT!
  • Trades are only accepted in same or similar niche!
  • Only trade with sites of a similar preview thumb sizes (max 120% bigger than mine)!
  • Not accept trades with MGP/Tube on pics sites!
  • Minimum of 50% skim to real content!
  • You must have a visible and real toplist on your main page!
  • No trades at all with subdomains or .biz and .info domains!
  • No ICQ contacts - your site will be deleted!
  • Please check your site and your traders at CjLog before you sign up to trade with my sites!
  • Thanks!

New trades are disabled by default!
Please, send 50+ hits for trade activating!